The Børge Hinsch Foundation is an independent non-profit making, charitable trust, with the aim of owning, storing, maintaining, preserving, supplementing and exhibiting to the public the trophy collection donated by the Foundation’s founder together with the other collections donated to or acquired by the Foundation. The operation of the Foundation’s museum, nature school etc. is in all respects carried out on a non-profit making basis.


In the attic rooms of the historic stately home of Valdemars Slot the Børge Hinsch Foundation has assembled Northern Europe’s largest museum exhibition of hunting trophies from around the world, with around 230 different species of big game being represented. The vast majority of these trophies are owned by the Børge Hinsch Foundation, while a small proportion are owned jointly by the Børge Hinsch Foundation and the Nordic Safari Club.

Nature School

Since 2006 the Børge Hinsch Foundation has provided free access to its nature school to all members of the public with an interest in nature. The school is managed on a day to day basis by the head ranger Claus L. Olesen. The nature school offers a wide range of exciting activities, challenges and other events for everyone interested in nature and all its wonders.


Børge Hinsch was an incredibly exciting personality, who lived the most extraordinary life. In his younger days Børge Hinsch, who was born in 1915, took part in the Lauge Koch expedition to Greenland, while later he was very active in the Danish resistance movement in the Second World War.

Børge Hinsch Fondens Museumssamlinger | Valdemars Slot Slotsalléen 100, Tåsinge | 5700 Svendborg