The Børge Hinsch Foundation at Valdermars Slot bids you welcome

The Børge Hinsch Foundation is an independent non-profit making, charitable trust, with the aim of owning, storing, maintaining, preserving, supplementing and exhibiting to the public the trophy collection donated by the Foundation’s founder together with the other collections donated to or acquired by the Foundation. The operation of the Foundation’s museum, nature school etc. is in all respects carried out on a non-profit making basis.

The fund has established a museum on the top floor of the stately house of Valdemars Slot where, following professional museum practices, it has created an 800 m2 exhibition space for their collection of trophies, birds, ethnographic artefacts and other items from around the world.

The Børge Hinsch Foundation status as a non-profit making body was confirmed in writing by the Environmental agency of the Danish Government on the 22nd November 2010. This allows the fund to exhibit all species of rare animals and birds without the special dispensation normally required under article 8, part 1 of Government Regulation No. 338/97 of the 9th December 1996 on the protection of wild animals etc.

The Børge Hinsch Foundation museum houses by far the biggest and most beautiful publicly accessible collection of mounted hunting trophies in Northern Europe. The museum displays more than 230 different species of big game animals from around the world. In addition you will find a unique collection of incredibly rare ethnographic artefacts mainly from Greenland, Africa and South East Asia, a large collection of beautiful stuffed birds, including practically all the birds that either breed in Denmark or are regularly seen here on migration, and finally a unique collection of oil paintings, watercolours and ceramic sculptures by the renown Danish wildlife artist Knud Kyhn - the artists own private collection.

Following the Foundation’s objectives the aim of the museum and its collections is to help inform and educate the public about hunting and nature, to maintain and promote hunting in general and sustainable trophy hunting in particular, and create a better understanding of the importance of sustainable trophy hunting as an essential element in all good game- and wildlife management planning.

To work towards the above aims and to participate in the education and training of the public in matters of hunting and nature conservation, in the spring of 2006 the Foundation established the Børge Hinsch Foundation’s Nature School at Valdemars Slot that works in connection with the museum to offer nature education activities in and around Valdemars Slot. To take care of these activities the fund has employed Claus Olesen as a full-time wildlife ranger to work at the nature school. In this way the Foundation offers nature activities, free of charge, all year round. The Foundation is responsible for meeting all the costs associated with Claus Olesen’s work as a wildlife ranger for the fund.

This has provided school parties, youth clubs, scout groups, families and other interested parties the opportunity, on paying the very reasonable entrance fee to Valdemars Slot, to enjoy a very interesting, and highly educational guided tour around the museum, and to learn about hunting and nature in a very factual manner, and to gain a better understanding of the importance of hunting, and of sustainable trophy hunting in particular, as an essential element in good wildlife- and habitat management. Furthermore, part of the ranger’s duties is to help the public enjoy and understand the natural and cultural landscape that provides the setting for the stately home of Valdemars Slot.

In connection with the museum the Børge Hinsch Foundation has also arranged for one of the castle’s separate large rooms to be made available to the Nature School as a lecture hall, and the room has been equipped with all the facilities needed to lecture to up to 50 people at a time, including all the equipment needed to give PowerPoint presentations and the like. In addition to the lecture hall, all necessary kitchen facilities and bathrooms are available. The lecture hall itself has been excitingly decorated with many museum exhibits, not least including many beautiful ethnological artefacts from Africa and Greenland in particular.

You can visit the Børge Hinsch Foundation’s Nature School for only the cost of an entrance ticket to Valdemars Slot, which is available at the special rate of 10 kr. per person for groups of at least 10 participants. In order to take advantage of this special rate of 10 kr. per person, it is a requirement that you book your visit in advance with the ranger Claus Olesen. It is also possible to visit the boating museum at Valdemars Slot on payment of a small supplement on your entry ticket.

To see how you can book your visit and learn about the many activities on offer at the Børge Hinsch Nature School please click on the links to the ‘Activities’ and ‘Nature School’ sections of this website.​

Børge Hinsch Fondens Museumssamlinger | Valdemars Slot Slotsalléen 100, Tåsinge | 5700 Svendborg