Lecture Facilities and Guided tours of the Museum

In connection with the museum the Børge Hinsch Foundation has also arranged for one of the castle’s separate large rooms to be made available to the Nature School as a lecture hall, and the room has been equipped with all the facilities needed to lecture to up to 50 people at a time, including all the equipment needed to give PowerPoint presentations and the like. In addition to the lecture hall, all necessary kitchen facilities and bathrooms are available. The lecture hall itself has been excitingly decorated with many museum exhibits, not least including many beautiful ethnological artefacts from Africa and Greenland in particular.

Hunting societies and hunting clubs are also most welcome to make use of the Børge Hinsch Foundations Nature School, and the Foundation would be happy to provide guided tours of the museum for all such organizations. These tours will be led either by the Foundation’s ranger, Claus Olesen, or one of the 2 gamekeepers that work on the Valdemars Slot estate, Preben Sørensen and Poul Nielsen, depending on who is available on the relevant day. Guided tours are provided free of charge to all hunting clubs and societies. The only requirements are that there must be a minimum of at least 12 participants and that the tour is booked in advance with our ranger Claus Olesen, either via e-mail:, or by telephone (++45) 23 95 81 06.

The museum has many exciting trophies hanging on its wall and standing on its floor, and every single trophy has its own background and story, which your guide will be more than happy to tell you about.

Børge Hinsch Fondens Museumssamlinger | Valdemars Slot Slotsalléen 100, Tåsinge | 5700 Svendborg