Permanent exhibitions and special exhibitions

Permanent exhibitions:
While Børge Hinsch’s own trophy collection continues to provide the original core of the museums exhibits, over the last few years several major trophy collections have been donated, free of charge, to the museum.

These donations are displayed in the Foundation’s museum premises. In this way Børge Hinsch’s original collection of trophies and ethnological artefacts is continually being expanded through donations from Scandinavian trophy hunters, including many members of the Nordic Safari Club. Donations are made either directly to the Børge Hinsch Foundation or indirectly via the Nordic Safari Club. The cooperation agreement between the Børge Hinsch Foundation and the Nordic Safari Club gives the Børge Hinsch Foundation the privilege to display all the trophies donated to the Nordic Safari Club in the Børge Hinsch Foundation museum.

The most significant collections to be donated and lent to the museum in recent years have been received from the following well-known trophy hunters:

Ole Augustinus who passed away in April 2010 had in his will left all of his impressive trophy collection, which includes over 180 different species, to the Nordic Safari Club. This collection is now owned jointly by the Børge Hinsch Foundation and the Nordic Safari Club and is on display in the Børge Hinsch Foundation museum in accordance with the agreement between the Børge Hinsch Foundation and the Nordic Safari Club. Ole Augustinus’ collection includes many beautiful fully mounted trophies of very high quality, and a number of new species that were not previously represented in the museum.

Jan Krossteig is known around the world as the founder of the hunting travel agency Limpopo Travel A/S/Diana Hunting Tours which is today the largest hunting agency in Europe. Jan Krossteig has gathered an impressively large collection of record-sized trophies from around the world that have been beautifully mounted. One trophy of particular note is the blue marlin that weighed all of 994 lbs that Jan Krossteig caught off Mauritius. This enormous specimen is one of the biggest fish ever caught by a Dane on rod and line, and is displayed in the museum fully mounted at a length of 420 cm.

Niels Anton Christensen is the only European ever to have shot what is popularly known as the South pacific Grand Slam, that is to say all the trophy species from the South Pacific region.

Knud Kyhn was a very well-known Danish wildlife artist. Knud Kyhn’s family has donated all of the artist’s own collection of large oil paintings, watercolours and ceramic sculptures to the Børge Hinsch Foundation, and many of these works are now on display in the museum. Knud Kyhn was Denmark’s finest painter of animals and birds in motion, and we are proud to be able to display this unique collection of artwork.

Børge Hinsch’s collection of ethnographical items is very fine, and virtually all the ethnographical artefacts on display in the museum come from Børge Hinsch’s own collection.

Donations and lending of especially trophies items are of great importance to the Børge Hinsch Foundation museum’s ongoing development and renewal.

Today, trophies representing more than 235 big game species, many of which are fully mounted, are displayed in the museum. The vast majority of these trophies are of international record standard, measured according to the Safari Club International Record Book in the USA, and a few of the trophies are world records.

Special exhibition on poaching:

New for 2016 - recently the Børge Hinsch Foundation, working with professional consultation, decided to establish a new exhibition in the Børge Hinsch Foundation’s rooms in the manor house of Valdemars Slot on the theme of: Poaching.

Under this main theme, the exhibition focuses in greater detail on the following topics “Wildlife management vs. poaching”, “The damage caused by poachers”, “Sustainable hunting”, “Trophy hunting”, “Eco-tourism”, “The white rhino” and more. The exhibition received funding, from both the Børge Hinsch and external grant-awarding bodies, which has made it possible to cover the considerable costs involved in establishing a professional exhibition on this highly topical issue. There is a special focus on Africa, which has seen a near explosion in levels of poaching in recent years, not only of rhinos and elephants, but of many smaller game species as well.

This new poaching exhibition, which was established in April 2016, includes a series of informative posters featuring text- and photographs, 2 dioramas showing mounted animals caught in local traps with accompanying texts, and a tv-monitor showing documentary films about the problems caused by poaching in Africa.

The entire exhibition was established by Theis Andersen, a professional museum consultant, who worked as an Exhibition Manager for Aarhus Natural History Museum, and processes all the know-how required to establish a first class, professional exhibition. It was important for the Foundation to use Theis Andersen, as he also worked as a consultant for the Børge Hinsch Foundation in 1998 and 1999, when the Børge Hinsch Foundation first established its museum in Valdemars Slot. In this way it was possible to ensure a high level of continuity between the existing permanent exhibition and the new special exhibit on poaching, in the terms of colours, materials, posters and displays etc.

Claus Olesen, who is employed as manager and wildlife ranger for the Børge Hinsch Foundation’s Nature-school, which works in connection with the museum in Valdemars Slot, is looking forward to using this new exhibition in his future work with the nature school and it’s visitors, and incorporating the research and knowledge displayed in the poaching exhibition in the daily activities of the nature school.

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