Børge Hinsch was an incredibly exciting personality, who lived the most extraordinary life.

In his younger days Børge Hinsch, who was born in 1915, took part in the Lauge Koch expedition to Greenland, while later he was very active in the Danish resistance movement in the Second World War. He then went on to work in the lead mining industry in Greenland before establishing a successful carpentry firm.

Børge Hinsch first acquired the estate Niverødgård near Nivå and after converting the property, bought Bækkeskov near Præstø in 1970, where he lived until his death in 1995.

In Bækkeskov’s large main house he displayed his collection of hunting trophies and ethnographical objects, which he had respectively personally shot and collected on the hundreds of hunting tours he made around the world over a period of around 50 years. There is pretty much nowhere on the planet where Børge Hinsch had not visited. In the museum you can find a map showing all the places that Børge Hinsch had been.

At the age of 76 Børge Hinsch carried out an Ibex hunt in the high-mountain ranges of Asia. This proved to be his last major hunting expedition before, three years later, he passed on to the eternal happy hunting grounds at the age of 79.

Børge Hinsch Fondens Museumssamlinger | Valdemars Slot Slotsalléen 100, Tåsinge | 5700 Svendborg